"Fellowship Through Service"


 1.     Club Service:

The Club Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of Kathmandu is responsible with the attendance, the membership program, fellowship. This year, we would not only hope to see strong bonding among the members in our club but also, to increase their exposure to the Rotaract network.

Addition to these responsibilities, our club service committee is expected to realize the following goals:
   -Developing strategies for saving and increasing the number of members in club.
   -Working in coordination with newsletter committee in order to prepare and distribute the letter. 
   -Plans activities which increase friendship and coordinates regular informal meetings
   -Works with the secretary to arrange requirements of the meetings.
   -Supports the president.
   -Motivates the members and presidents of committees to attend the meetings of the club and the region. Informs members on rules of attendance and takes precautions in order to increase attendance ratio. 
   - Works with the president on member candidacy processes.
   -Informs and advises members of the club on traditions of Rotaract and trains them.

The following Rotaractors are responsible under professional Service at Rotaract Club of Kathmandu:

Club Service Director - Rtr. Mridul Acharya

Committee Members:

2.     Professional Service:

According to the Rotaract Handbook and constitution, two of the goals of Professional Development (also known as Vocational Service) in Rotaract are:

   Ø  To recognize the dignity and value of all occupations as opportunities to serve;

   Ø  To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities

Activities performed as Professional Development Committee:
   -Arranging meetings for professional introduction.
   -Arranging on location professional workshops.
   -Arranging vocational introduction seminars.
   -Providing guidance for members who look for internship.
   -Attending and assisting activities of Rotary Club on vocational projects.

The following Rotaractors are responsible under professional Service at Rotaract Club of Kathmandu:

Professional Service Director - Rtr. Sarbesh Rizal

Committee Members:


3.     Community Service:

A large component of the Rotaract movement aims to address the physical and social needs of the community both at national and global level. The avenue provides opportunities for youth development through numerous projects aimed at serving the community at large. Since the club’s inception, we have made trips down to elderly, children and mental health homes, exposed volunteers to international community service work through awareness campaigns, fundraising and direct interaction with the various beneficiaries.

Addition to these responsibilities, our community service committee  is expected to realize the following goals:
   -He/she investigates and plans the ideas related with the club’s community service projects of the year.
   -He/she plays the role of a leader in order to arrange and ease the way the projects are handled.
   -He/she prepares the anticipated budget of projects.

The following Rotaractors are responsible under Community Service at Rotaract Club of Kathmandu:

Community Service Director - Rtr. Melina Gyawali

Committee Members:

4. International Service:

The main role of International Service is to engage in annual overseas community service projects to help improve living conditions in other parts of the world and to increase world understanding within the Rotaract Club and the international community. The avenue is also involved in the hosting of foreign Rotaractors when they come to Nepal.  In return, we get the privilege of having a wide network of friends to take care of us during our overseas goodwill visits to the foreign Rotaract Clubs. The objective of the activities is to encourage and foster the advancement of International understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of young adults united in the ideals of service. Through hosting and overseas goodwill visits, we get to learn more about each country’s cultures and forge strong friendships and bonds across international borders.

International Service Committee may perform following tasks: 
   -Motivating rotaractos who visit other countries to meet with Rotaract and Rotary clubs of that country.
   -Getting in touch, exchange ideas and performing common projects with rotaractors of other countries.
   -Realizing activities with clubs from all around the world on World Rotaract Week. 
   -Hosting guest speakers related to international topics and concerns.
   -Inviting foreign students to club meetings (for instance; students of Rotary Exchange Program)
   -Introducing our country to foreign guests.

The following Rotaractors are responsible under International Service at Rotaract Club of Kathmandu:

International Service Director - Rtr. Sachin Aryal

Committee Members: 

5.    Youth Service:

 The Youth Service Avenue is responsible to coordinate with the Interact Club of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, which is located at Banibilas Secondary School. 

Youth Service Director - Rtr. Amrita Kafle 

Committee Members:



 The editorial board is a group of people, usually at a publication, who dictate the tone and direction for the publication's. Editorial Committee is in charge of selecting the publication's theme, collecting submitted articles, ensuring proper communication between Own members and others club editorial team for the publication of Joint Bulletin.

The following Rotaractors are responsible under Editorial Committee at Rotaract Club of Kathmandu:

Editor/Webmaster - Rtr. Kabi Raj Khatiwada

Committee Members:  

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